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Shrinking Investment Avenues

Property used to be a safe bet. So was Gold. Not anymore. The stock market can fall any day now. Where should you invest?


Paying for more services

We are beginning to pay a higher premium for convenience of a cab, tv show, or groceries and in return, shrinking our efforts to save


Inflation is never under control

Things are getting more expense every year, and our salaries are not able to keep up 


Next Recession is around the corner

In a deeply connected world, we are at risk where our economy may take a big hit by the decisions taken in another country


Low Job Prospects. Lower Job Security

Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have eliminated many of the old jobs - and very few new jobs are being created


New Tax Regime is around the corner

Vote bank politics causes great difficulty in anticipating unexpected new liabilities which we may have to face

Our spending budgets are getting smaller, and investments are not giving us the return we are aiming for. 

Our Pledge

We, the community of #ProjectAlbertPinto...

To Contribute Our Requirements

We, the community of #ProjectAlbertPinto, wholeheartedly believe, that we can collectively contribute towards prudent solutions for our financial objectives. We believe that we can come together to build tools that offer real value in taking care of our money. 

To Aim For Financial Freedom

We, the community of #ProjectAlbertPinto, aim to complete the journey from Financial Stability, Financial Prudence, all the way to Financial Independence. We aim to live the best version of ourselves and keep on top of all our money matters, at all times. 

To be Persistent In Our Efforts

We, the community of #ProjectAlbertPinto, will make sure that we HAVE enough money now, we WILL have enough money in the future, and we KNOW where our money is going. We will contribute strongly to our community with our ideas, feedback, criticisms, suggestions.

How can we possibly achieve all this?
That, my friends, will be our Quest!

Step 1 : Financial Stability

The devil is always in the details. First, you need to be clear about the flow of your money, and control your unnecessary spending. 

If you need help to understand how you are spending your money, this is where to begin.

Step 2 : Financial Prudence

Next, you need to ensure  that you are careful with your money. Wisdom in practical matters, especially in relation to planning for the future is what Financial Prudence is about.

If you need a financial plan for your future, this is where to begin.

Step 3 : Financial Independence

You are a matured investor, who has done many things right with your Investments, and Savings. It's now time to plan towards realising your dreams.

If you need to find investment opportunities, click below.

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